"I Have Been training with Shannon Bryant and Angel Fitness since January 2013. My initial goals were to drop weight and look “hot” for a friends wedding in June of 2013. After reaching my goals and realizing how much fun it was to have her help, our training journey continued with new goals year after year. The most recent goal was getting me sculpted and lean for my wedding on December 31, 2015!

Shannon is consistently attentive, always focused on me, correcting my form, and making sure I take exercises to the fullest capacity. She is complete in her training, providing enough instruction for you to understand each exercise, what muscle(s) you are using and why the exercise should be done in the matter she instructs. Additionally, she constantly emphasizes the importance of nutrition in the overall equation. Through all this I have gained confidence in my physical abilities.

Training comes first, but we have a blast during that hour and it’s my favorite way to start and/or end the day. Most importantly, I’ve seen great results. I have a butt! We’ve done a lot of hard work over the past years, and I can see significant increases and improvements in my strength, definition and overall healthy lifestyle.

Shannon is an excellent trainer! She is the kind of trainer who knows just how to push me in a way that makes me want to do more. I would recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting one stronger and healthier that is fun and rewarding. She is one of a kind!"

Masha P. 

“Shannon Bryant is a trainer that individualizes and tailors a program for each and every client.  Depending on your goals, she implements a plan to help you achieve success.  Exercises are never the same, so workouts are always fun and interesting.  You work muscles you never knew you had.  Also, Shannon encourages each person to bring in a food log.  She takes before and after pictures and will weigh you in each week.  Her knowledge about the body, dieting, exercising, and supplements will change your life.  She is truly gifted at the art of working with people and their health.  You will not meet a more kind individual than Shannon.”

Heather H.

“When I first came to Shannon I had this assumption that I would probably only train for a few weeks until I’d give up.  Several years later I am still a devoted client!   Not only has Shannon’s unique training methods helped me achieve my goals, but the experience of training with Shannon is truly what keeps me coming back.  Like any trainer she’s tough and gives you that extra push, but what separates Shannon from other trainers I’ve had in the past is her motivation, dedication, her willingness to go above and beyond, and her ability to modify challenging workouts that better suit me.  Training with Shannon has never felt like an obligation, but is truly a privilege.”

Andrea P.  

“I am so happy to have found Shannon.  The perfect trainer to meet my needs at this time in my life.  She is knowledgable and listens to my personal goals without being too pushy.  Overwhelmed with work and other stresses, my initial goal was just to develop a consistent routine and hopefully lose inches.  I was not ready to conquer the big weight loss goals and she respected that.  I already feel the benefits and she has encouraged me to now achieve the fat loss goals.  Her workouts are never exactly the same, and I appreciate the thought and time she puts into designing each session as a personal trainer.”  

Teri F.     

“Angel Fitness is the perfect mix of fitness and faith.  Finally finding a trainer who understands the female body and the areas women tend to struggle with. She has made me feel comfortable with who I am and where I am at with my body, while at the same time motivating me to push harder and further than I thought I could.  The weekly weigh ins and chats about lifestyle, goals and everyday life makes for the perfect accountability partner.  It’s only been a short while and I already have noticed more muscle definition and a boost in my confidence.  Shannon is so passionate about healthy eating and loves to teach her clients how to love their bodies better by teaching them to eat wiser and healthier.  I’m eager to fully implement Shannon’s dietary advice and see what transformation will occur!” 

Chelsea F.    

“Working with Shannon at Angel Fitness has been an amazing experience!  Shannon has a way of reminding you that you are a masterpiece!  My mom and I did some workouts together as well as me working on my own.  I love the customized plans and exercises.  I have a “bad knee” and thought I would never be able to workout the way I wanted to again.  BUT I can and have continued to do so thanks to Shannon!  With Angel Fitness you get a fully customized workout plan and amazing encouragement throughout your entire journey!”

Alissa M.


“Training with Shannon Bryant has been a life enhancing experience for me. She has taught me that working out and pursuing healthy habits is not only fun and necessary, but attainable as well. I’ve never been a lover of exercise and gym time, but Shannon has forever changed that for me. I look forward to each and every session with her and I always feel like I walk away with a stronger and healthier mind and body. She professionally customizes your workout to fit your exact needs and her knowledge and expertise is demonstrated through your results! I would wholeheartedly recommend Shannon in a heartbeat~she makes you want to be a better you!”

Diana D.


“When I met Shannon I weighed over 200 pounds and was a size 22. We embarked on a journey of perseverance, sweat and many tears. Offering much support and encouragement, Shannon not only helped me lose weight, build and tone muscle, but I dropped 4 dress sizes! The weight loss alone was surreal and the valuable knowledge imparted about the body gave me the ability, insight and foundation to make the necessary life changes to maintain the weight loss.The outcome of teaming up with Shannon exceeded my expectations. Not only did I gain self confidence and hope for my future in becoming fit, but I a am living a healthier lifestyle that my children and I continue to benefit from. I am ever grateful for her passion for being fit physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her advanced techniques, attention to individual need and tenacity for being on the cutting edge of fitness training, makes her unique and definitely puts her above others in the industry. Thanks Shannon for working as hard as I did!”

Claudine N.


"Shannon is a world-class trainer with tremendous breadth of knowledge leveraged by a medical background. She has the ability to distill her teachings down to content that is easily digestible and assimilated, and is happy to offer a more thorough explanation for those who are more curious. She covers all the critical components of fitness (nutrition, exercise, lifestyle), ensuring her clients meet their fitness goals. She does all of this with very genuine, humble attitude, making it very palatable and refreshing."

Jermey B.


"When Shannon became my personal trainer in 2006, I had no idea the depth to which my fitness and nutritional life would change.  She embodies skill, expertise and passion in her craft. One of the things I appreciate most about Shannon is the fact that she is balanced. She does not subscribe to 'one size and one approach fits all,' but recognizes the uniqueness of each client and customizes programs according to their individual goals.  Shannon is not only a fitness trainer, but an advocate for nutritional excellence. She has taught me priceless insights and knowledge on the role of proper nutrition in fitness and health.  She is vested in her clients' success and always emphasizes that it's much more than being a certain weight or size - it's a journey and a lifestyle. I consider Shannon a triple threat...an excellent personal trainer, knowledgeable nutritional advocate, and a shining example of living out what she teaches, trains and imparts!"

Tiffany T.  

"I trained with Shannon for almost three years.  The first few sessions I worked with her, I noticed that I was noticeably stronger on one side of my body than the other.  Also, I could barely balance on my left leg, while my right was fine.  My core was also very weak and even basic movements were taxing, despite the fact I had been a runner and swimmer for years.  After working with Shannon, I felt stronger, developed a strong core, and, because of the variety and creativity Shannon puts into the structure of each workout, I feel mentally sharper and more focused.  She even helped my recover from a fall that I sustained elsewhere, tweaking my workouts to enable recovery while never losing strength or endurance.  As a bonus, Shannon is encouraging, sweet, smart, and a joy to be around."

Lisa H.

 “After meeting my husband, I became extremely sedentary. After 10 years, I was 35 years old, totally out of shape & unhappy with my figure. I had not exercised, outside of walking the dogs during this time. I was not about to join a gym. They were far too scary. I wouldn’t even know where to start. That’s when I reached out to Shannon. I didn’t know this was the start of a life changing process. Shannon is incredibly sweet; a genuinely nice person. She’s actually beautiful on the inside & out. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit apprehensive to work out with someone so physically daunting. But after my first day jitters, Shannon really made me feel so comfortable & 100% focused on the job at hand. She’s incredibly knowledgeable & literally knows every exercise under the sun. This was ideal! I absolutely did not know the first thing about fitness. Aside from running in my early 20’s, I wasn’t ever involved in any sports. Shannon brought out the athlete in me I didn’t know was even there. She always kept things interesting everyday & was always very encouraging. Which was perfect, since I also decided to see her 5 days a week. If I was doing this, I wanted all in. On day 1, I could barely hold 3 lb. weights over my head. I had zero muscle, but I had determination & that same day, I surprisingly held a full minute plank. This was when I learned the mental challenge of fitness. Mental challenges I can do. That was more my speed. Thus began my love for fitness. Shannon was so intuitive & in tune with my ability. She knew just when & how to push me further without totally crippling me from my next day’s performance. Throughout my four months with Shannon, my physicality changed & my love for fitness blossomed. I always looked forward to our mornings. I actually never missed a day! Since my 1st workout with Shannon, I have not stopped. I work out 5 - 6 days each week. In fact, I’ve had trouble taking my days of rest. I have continued to push myself. I joined a boutique fitness club, something I would have NEVER done in the past. Trainers have remarked at my good form, which I owe to Shannon. Shannon helped me begin this journey, the right way. I could never understand people that exercised. Now, I cannot think to live another day without it. Shannon was so influential in this. I’m really not sure I would have gotten here without her. Shannon helped me change my body and my life. I unequivocally recommend Shannon as a trainer to anyone seeking to up their game…or simply dip their toe in the water.

Brooke S.

“I love training with Shannon and hands down I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer! I appreciate how she takes the time to tailor fit and adjust workouts specific to individual goals, they are always different and it has me sweating as if I ran for miles each time! Incorporating weights, martial arts, and circuits are my favorite workouts- I felt awesome and so accomplished after every session. As a team, we were able to lower my body fat percentage and get me ready for some key dates, and without her help I wouldn't have felt the confidence not only in my dress, but my own skin! The most important detail for me is that Shannon always shows up to appointments and will not cancel rain or shine- the consistency and accountability was the key for my success (mental and physical)! She is always willing to give fitness and nutrition advice, accessible, goes the extra mile, and genuinely cares for her clients. I am so thankful God put this angel of fitness in my journey to health- you will too!

Jelena M.